A review of ’My Mommies and Me’

A review of ’My Mommies and Me’

A review has been presented of this innocent and extremely fascinating book in which a normal aspect of LGBT and same-gender parenting is shown to the people form a child’s perspective.

This is a delightfully illustrated book which revolves around the story of a kid named as Egypt, who loves to play with his red truck and red plane but wants to be a pilot like one of his mom Jazmin.

Egypt wonders sometimes that why he has two mommies while his friend, Tommie has a mommy and a daddy.

The book strongly emphasizes the concept that why it is all right for the kids who have two mommies or two daddies and not to be ashamed of it.

The main concept of the book is to explain the concepts of LGBT and same-gender parenting in a really beautiful and fun manner to the kids.

The authors explain the strong dilemma of the society in a very innocent, childish manner for the people to understand that if it is so simple for a child to accept the concept of same-gender parenting then it should not be a matter of concern for the adults as well.

Annie Casta, MD is a physician specializing in sports medicine who is passionate for children, athletics, and her own family.

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