A Reviewer calls ‘Taking Medicine’ Heartbreaking

A Reviewer calls ‘Taking Medicine’ Heartbreaking

Partly inspired by Lyn Miller’s own life, ‘Taking Medicine’ is an honest tale of how a medical student handles the progression of her life. It received an excellent review on Goodreads, saying that “I’d recommend to anyone thinking of going into this profession [medicine]”.

Lyn herself studied medicine at the Edinburgh University and has been practicing medicine for nearly three decades.

She loves books and reads anything she can get her hands on. It is her reading habit that inspired her to write this novel.

The story of Alison gives us a look into the life of a medical student. It’s a very honest look into a field of study that is one of the hardest in the world to complete.

There are foul smelling dissection rooms and also involves the difficulty of studying all night to ensure that she doesn’t fail her exams.

If that wasn’t all, she also has many social responsibilities that demand her attention. She has a friend that is seriously ill, her situation weighs on Alison’s heart. She also has a boyfriend who is pulling her in another direction.

She is juggling with all of this on top of her expansive studies, and all she wants is to make it through to the other side.

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