Richard Abbott-Brailey speaks to Watford Observer

Richard Abbott-Brailey speaks to Watford Observer

Azarias Tor: The History Maker’ was the subject of an article on the Watford Observer Newspaper. The author spoke to the newspaper and discussed his fascination with time travel and the desire to write a book.

The protagonist is Azarias Tor, a man that has been broken and bloodied by life. He has lost the love of his life, yet he continues his mission to save the future for everyone around him.

He is a time traveler and he wants to change the future for the better.

In the midst of this exciting story, the readers are also made to wonder some important questions about their own lives.

Have they been living a life that has been shaped for them or have they been in control of their fate all along?

The complicated implications of time travel are masterfully explained by the Richard Abbot-Brailey. He explores the different aspects of the phenomenon and keeps the readers hooked all the way to the last page.

After being born in London, Richard attended school in Watford when he moved there with his family. He spent some time in the retail industry until he decided to continue his education.

He earned a BA (Hons) degree and worked as a teacher in a secondary school for some time. He is currently living in Northumberland with his wife.

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