Richard Patterson starts a fund raising campaign for producing a documentary feature

Richard Patterson starts a fund raising campaign for producing a documentary feature

Richard Patterson, has started a fundraiser for producing the documentary feature of his book, Jack the Ripper; The Works of Francis Thompson. Assisted by Director Mark Duffield, the amount to be raised is £1,137 by February 28th.

Richard’s purpose is to have enough funds to pay for a professional editor for the completion of the interview-documentary. Plans are to release it free on the internet to mark the first anniversary publication of his book in 2018.

This interview documentary is surely going to highlight the theories behind the book. Also, it will explore the process of scripting it. According to Richard, “My interview actually poses some challenging questions. So, I hope my responses will finally get heard and seen”

Talking about the main character, Francis Thompson, the author takes us back to 1888 when Francis was a mentally disturbed drug addict and he used to carry a sharp dissecting knife. He had a history of arson, theft, mutilating and had faced trouble with the police due to these charges.

Meanwhile, a woman, Mary Kelly, was knifed a few yards away from his refuge, in a series of prostitute murders. The coroner confirmed this killing was done by someone who had anatomical skill and knowledge.

Being an author and researcher, Richard Patterson, first came up with the point that Francis Thompson could be the ripper in 1997. In quest of it, the author also travelled across countries while researching the suspect.

He travelled to Boston where Burns library has a large collection of Thompson’s work and letters. He also went to Lancashire, the suspect’s birthplace and London’s East End, which was the scene of murder.

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