The Sentinel Newspaper Features the Thrilling ‘Ice Axe’

The Sentinel Newspaper Features the Thrilling ‘Ice Axe’

“Readers can certainly expect to be entertained”, said an article in The Sentinel Newspaper when talking about Ice Axe, the Eric George’s written thriller.

The 85 years old author has been writing short stories for a long time, and after retirement he finally had the time to write a novel.

The protagonist of the story is Dan Markham, who is a climber by profession and does some work for an industrial investigator. But he isn’t getting much work, so he jumps at the chance to make some cash. All he has to do is to find a chemist who has been missing, along with a confidential formula.

He finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy and he is recruited by a government agent, who wants him to destroy the formula that he is supposed to find. Thus begins the secret mission that he never expected to be a part of.

Article in The Sentinel newspaper

Things keep getting complicated as Dan tries to navigate his way out of the situation he finds himself.

Eric is a retired building cost consultant. He worked in 3 different countries, England, South Africa and Australia until he decided to settle down with his wife of over 55 years.

He has two sons, the older one lives in South Africa and the younger one in Australia.