Seven Days Newspaper features Stephen Clegg’s Novels

Seven Days Newspaper features Stephen Clegg’s Novels

Vermont’s Independent Voice, ‘Seven Days’ featured five of Stephen Clegg’s books. The article says, ‘He is the proud published author of five novels, but author Steve Clegg still isn’t quite sure how it all happened. It was the combination of his experience making bedtime stories for his now grown-up children, a desire to research his family history and his helping hand of fate which led to his first book being published’.

The books being featured are The Hallenbeck Echo, Maria’s Papers, The Fire of Mars, The Emergence of Malaterre, and The Matthew Chance Legacy.

The Hallenbeck Echo is a historical fiction about the development and manufacturing of a devastating and demoralizing weapon deliverable by air, hitherto unknown by mankind.

‘Marias papers’ is a story about Maria Chance who is defying all the odds to regain the lost glory of her once powerful and wealthy Chance family.

‘The Fire of Mars’ is a thriller novel about a church Deacon who falls in love with huge ruby which drives his thoughts and later on a couple from South Carolina comes in the pursuit of same stone which unearths some horrific discoveries.

‘The Emergence of Malaterre’ is a story of an unusual occurrence at Malaterre, which is investigated by ‘Naomi Wilkes’ and who knew that her life will be devastated by the tragic events that took place there.

‘The Matthew Chance Legacy’ is the gripping, split-storyline sequel to ‘Maria's Papers’.

Stephen Clegg is a polished author whose many books got nominated for many prestigious awards.