Simcoe featured article about Johanne Levesque’s ‘Trouble and Strife’

Simcoe featured article about Johanne Levesque’s ‘Trouble and Strife’

It was a dare which prompted the author Johanne Levesque to write her first novel. Simcoe features an article telling Johanne’s inspiration behind her writing and the research that she carried out in writing her first book. She says ‘I describe what people were wearing at the time, what their income was — it was very small — people who were struggling and even the crimes that happened because of the poverty, and the forms of punishment. Lashes existed in those days, and hangings were still done in Toronto at the time.’

The story of the book takes us back into 1930 where a Canadian housewife looks after her family and a stream of Depression-era visitors. She welcomes her guests with a bowl of stew and open heart.

Events turn around and she becomes the breadwinner for her family. The question is now that can she run the business without sacrificing herself.

The novel is a distressing look upon the life of a brave woman which is narrated with intimate details and a smart poetic touch.

The author has captured the age of War and economic distress that changed the Women’s lives forever.

Johanna Levesque graduated with a BA in Psychology from York University. She has been a team leader in transportation, banking, legal and education systems.

Johanne runs charity events for the children in Africa to support their education expenses.

She has also completed seven marathons across USA and Canada.

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