Simon Adepetun visits Prescot Primary School

Simon Adepetun visits Prescot Primary School

The author Simon Adepetun visits Prescot Primary School and shared his book with the children who truly adored it. The author had a lovely time with the kids and they cherished everything about the book.

The story of the book is about a little kid ‘Dany’ who is an only child, No wait, he has a little sister, Alice, who has a dolly fixation. Dany’s parents Philip and Susan are always busy in their work or shopping and who doesn’t listen to Dan’s problems.

Dany’s has the problems of his own and who wants to get rid of them but it’s too huge for him. It is until he is introduced by his friend to the find of the century which is an abandoned beehive. Dany likes the idea of converting it into a den.

He finds a map there and things go horribly wrong when Alice noses her nose way in and when two strange men show up to take what’s theirs and then there is a bank too.

The book is a collection of little sharply twisted events in Dany’s young life.

Simon Adepetun was born in Manchester in 1970. He is married and has three kids. He is living in Werrington, Cheshire since 1999.

He has B.A (Hons) In English Studies and a postgraduate certificate in Theatre Studies. He is a full-time Sales Manager and loves to spend time with his family.