Stephen Ainley Transports Readers Back in Time

Stephen Ainley Transports Readers Back in Time

The Dennis Bisskit Adventures’ was reviewed on the Leonard Tillerman’s Blog recently. The review said “when something comes along that transports us back into an age which is characterized by different priorities and needs, it is like a breath of fresh air.  That is exactly what Stephen Ainley does in his novel”.

Readers will instantly fall in love with the accident prone Dennis.

He was born on the day the war ended, which should have made him lucky but it didn’t. The story follows him while he does some growing up in the 60s and 70s.

He experiences some life events that are hilariously told by the author. It’s not all about funny stories, there are also emotional moments, like when he visits battlefields with his granddad.

There are attempted triumphs and funny failures but his journey towards manhood is full of entertainment for the readers.

Stephen Ainley has written many short stories and articles before but this is his first book. Published by Austin Macauley, it takes us into a simpler time and takes a whimsical look at a boy’s journey.

The author served in the British Airborne in the 1970s before moving to Australia. He still reside there with his lovely wife Jane and their dog.

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