The Story Tree hosted the book launching ceremony of ‘Possession’

The Story Tree hosted the book launching ceremony of ‘Possession’

Gillian Wells’ new book ‘Possession’ was launched at The Story Tree, High Street, Boonah, Qld Australia. The author talked about her book and the reason why she chose to write this book.

This is a story about ‘Anna’ who doesn’t have an easy start in her life. She has this troublesome childhood and not a happy relationship with her mother. She becomes a beautiful, successful businesswoman who meets this equally successful businessman, Karl, a very charming and handsome man to ignore.

He only wants one thing in this life and that is Anna but as the time passes, he becomes more dominating for her and gradually controls her life completely. Anna’s life becomes increasingly difficult and traumatic which is faced by ultimate dangers as well.

Can she escape her fate and find a way out of this mess or will she ever find the peace and solace in her life, for which she has been looking for decades?

The author, Gillian Wells belongs to England who lives in Australia with her husband and a cattle dog, Jess. She is passionate about writing while cooking, gardening, horse riding and singing are among her other interests.

She likes to travel and has traveled widely across Australia. She has three children and four grandchildren who live in England, France, and Australia.

She likes to spend time with them whenever distance and time allows.