‘Stuff’ features article on Late Margaret Beames’ ‘The Owen Girl’

‘Stuff’ features article on Late Margaret Beames’ ‘The Owen Girl’

An online article has been featured by stuff entertainment. The article commemorates the work of the late author and her passion for writing amusing stories for children and young adults.

Bryan Beames, the author of the deceased made sure to publish her wife’s last work and he honored her by saying ‘She was very secretive. She would be working away for hours, but she was very meticulous. She would take chapters or characters out, sometimes add them... It had to be perfect.’

The book is about a teenage girl Jenna who runs away to her grandma, Glenys’, beach house after her stepfather abuses her. Being on her own she crafts her way cautiously to get to know the local shopkeeper and a teenage boy in a neighborly cottage.

She discovers the history of her Nan and finds that history can repeat itself in a good way.

The story is handsomely explained with a delicate touch of lively characters in the scenic beauty of New Zealand which is appealing to young adults and readers of all age.

Margaret was born in 1935 at Cowley. She taught Primary age children in both England and Kenya before migrating to New Zealand in 1974. She started her career as a writer there and won many awards and compliments. She also wrote many dramas which were performed on radio.

The ‘Owen Girl’ is her last book after she passed away from cancer in 2016.

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