Sunshine Radio Broadcasted Patrick Treacy’s Interview

Sunshine Radio Broadcasted Patrick Treacy’s Interview

Austin Macauley’s fantastic author, Patrick Treacy, who wrote the book, The Needle and the Damage Done, was interviewed by Sunshine 106.8 FM Radio. 


In the initial part of the interview, Patrick recalled his childhood days growing up in West Fermanagh and going to his first college. He was also reminiscing his early childhood years when times were simpler and people were content with listening to the radio at night. He mentioned how the town he grew up in was of strategic importance from a historical point of view. Patrick addressed the sense of discrimination between Catholics and non-Catholics at that time too. 

In the latter part of the interview, he disclosed what living in Iraq was like and why he was arrested back then. He luckily escaped Iraq five days before the beginning of the Gulf War. Watch and listen the complete interview here and here


The book ‘The Needle and the Damage Done’ is an autobiography of the writer, offering an insight into his life experiences. Get a copy to know more about his life here


Patrick Treacy was awarded the MyFaceMyBody Specialist Award in London back in 2018 for his research work in the field of cosmetic surgery and a Laureate in Aesthetic Medicine by the Azerbaijani College of Medicine. He is recognized as one of the top aesthetic doctors in the world. He is a humanitarian too.