The Mosaic Escalator nominated for the Best Fiction Book 2024

The Mosaic Escalator nominated for the Best Fiction Book 2024

The Mosaic Escalator has been nominated for the Best Fiction Book Award by the Golden Book Awards 2024 - a grand event for authors who deserve to have their books celebrated. The glamorous event held each year will feature a prestigious guest list of authors, media and industry experts. The event will take place on October 11th, 2024, in Melbourne, Australia. 

The thrilling adventure title by Author and Independent filmmaker, Michael Nicholson who is no stranger to writing and creating artistic works. With his decades of experience in film, he has taken to the world of storytelling in his debut novel which follows four university students from Melbourne through a guided tour that leads to an adventure through time and space. The book is a product of two of his own self-published books combined packed with humour, conflict, drama, and entertainment. On behalf Austin Macauley, we would like to say that The Mosaic Escalator is a well-deserved nomination for the Best Fiction category.

Michael Nicholson has been an independent filmmaker since the mid-1970s, writing, filming, directing and editing animations. Selling his films of various lengths to Australian television over the years. Nicholson has also written various books and has had several art exhibitions. He is married to an architect Fatma Beyen, from Istanbul, and they have a daughter, Melissa, who has a bachelor’s degree in filmmaking.

About t The Mosaic Escalator 

Four university students from Melbourne are on a guided tour around Uluru,

the red monolith at Australia’s centre. Entering a mysterious opening into the rock, they are unable get back out; with their indigenous guide, Yvonne, an adopted Dingo pup, and conflict and humour, they embark on an amazing journey through time and space.

As they travel through the unknown, the question invariably arises; whatever happened between the Free and the Obediently Confined…?