‘They Said I Was Misguided’ promoted on “Weekend Warmup” Radio Show

‘They Said I Was Misguided’ promoted on “Weekend Warmup” Radio Show

Evan Bloom’s heartfelt autobiography ‘They Said I Was Misguided’ was promoted on the “Weekend Warmup” by the host of the show, Stewart Bailey.

The show aired on CRMK Radio (Radio Milton Keynes) in early February.

The book revolves around a character, Evan who is struggling with his identity. That would be normal for any kid growing up, except the fact that he is gay, which puts him on the outskirts.

His environment was at complete odds with him, yet he continued to fight everything so he could be who he truly is.

There are consequences for everyone who is involved, including himself.

This brave story of a young man growing up in an orthodox Jewish family is full of life lessons for the youth of today. Putting all of the emotional hardships on paper was also courageous. Baring the personal details such as these for the sake of getting the story out and to inspire people is very noble.

Everyone can relate to the story in one way or another, especially those who are struggling with their sexuality and beliefs.

The author currently resides in France with his partner. He spent time in London before moving to France and has a background in the language industry.