‘They said I was Misguided’ receives brilliant 5 star reviews

‘They said I was Misguided’ receives brilliant 5 star reviews

The book, ‘They said I was Misguided’, by the British author, Evan Bloom, has received rave reviews on Facebook. The book’s raw and honest story has struck a chord with many readers.

In his book, Evan, details his identity struggles growing up in an orthodox Jewish Family. He talks about the difficulty of belonging to a strict religious group and being homosexual.

Everything in his life was at odds with each other. The personal nature of the story gives it a rare authenticity that readers can connect with. The dramatic scenario can give people an understanding of how difficult it is to find acceptance in this world and even in one’s own family.

Bloom, is a talented author with a strong background in storytelling. He lived in London all his life but now he has moved to France with his partner. His book is a culmination of the problems he faced while growing up in his scenario and the man that he has managed to become.

To read the complete reviews of the book, visit this link: https://www.facebook.com/pg/evanbloomofficial/reviews/?ref=page_internal