Tipton Green Junior School pupils met Mr. Nolly

Tipton Green Junior School pupils met Mr. Nolly

Lynda Ann Green visited Tipton Green Junior School to read to children from her book ‘Mr. Nolly and the Magic Ladder’. She spent the whole day with the children and they were entertained by the magical story of a talking ladder.

Witch Willowberry has a magical ladder. She uses it to reach up high in the sky and catch moonbeams.

One day the ladder is accidentally thrown away and is found by Mr. Nolly. The ladder named Ecky starts speaking to him and makes his pet cat Sam talk as well.

When the witch discovers that her precious ladder is lost she immediately starts searching for it. What else is she to use to create her magical spells?

The ladder’s new friends come to like it and know that it is capable of great things. They decide to help it and make sure that it doesn’t fall into the hands of the witch again.

They decide to protect and begin an adventure that will put them at odds with the witch who will stop at nothing to get her precious ladder back.

An Oldbury native, Lynda grew up loving literature. She fell in love with writing and published 37 poems and 2 short stories. Her first children’s book is receiving good reviews and praise from readers.