Toot’s Book Reviews gives a verdict on Istanbul Days, Istanbul Nights

Toot’s Book Reviews gives a verdict on Istanbul Days, Istanbul Nights

Recently, a well-known book critic, Toot’s Book Reviews, reviewed Leonard Durso’s modern romantic book, Istanbul Days, Istanbul Nights. The book is the reimaging of Shakespeare’s master piece and tragic romantic tale, Romeo and Juliet but with a modern touch.

Set in the historical city of Istanbul, the tale accounts the journey of ten different characters bound by their diverse cultures. Incorporation of romance mixed with a touch of humour and also bittersweet sentiments makes this contemporary romance a worthy read.

A heartfelt story alongside extraordinary characters trying not only to work together in an artistic environment but also to form sincere relationships in spite of their differences. The fact that makes this book special is the beautiful re-portraying of romantic but tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet in a different setting altogether.

Leonard Durso goes about his job in simple and neat manner and the book has a captivating factor word after word. The blending of different characters and new situations with the old historic condition is done marvellously well.

Leonard is a New Yorker and has spent all his life serving literature and bookish activities. He once owned a literary bookstore in Los Angeles, ran English language programs in New York and Istanbul, wrote for a newspaper, and wrote advertising copy. He was a professional boy scout and is living in Turkey since 2008.

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