Tudor House Museum hosts Book Signing event of ‘Beef Cubes and Burdock’

Tudor House Museum hosts Book Signing event of ‘Beef Cubes and Burdock’

A book signing event was held for John Phillpott’s ‘Beef Cubes and Burdock’ at the Tudor House Museum at Worcester. The author signed the books on the occasion and presented his views on the book.

John recalls the past in his book that how the rural landscape has been changed from its original form over the last half-century.

The Warwickshire weed has been lost to the disease, the buildings continue to grow and the landscapes have been converted into motorways that now disturbs the tranquility of the nature that once only knew the sound of the birds, the grazing of the cattle and also the roar of the farm tractors.

But John thinks the paradise is not all lost yet as the rook’s parliament can still be seen high overhead, the river still flows as it has been doing for ages and the church bells still call to the faithful.

The book is an affectionate glance back in the time when everything was still dictated by the rhythm of a season rather than the touch of a computer keyboard.

The author, John Phillpot was born in Churchover in north Warwickshire. He was raised there and became a trainee reporter in 1965 when he was a teenager.

Since then he has worked in Midlands’s newspaper and various other newspapers as a reporter, feature writer, chief sub-editor, letters editor reviewer, and columnist.

He currently resides in Worcester with his wife.