‘Twelve Tales of Terror’ by Jim Hermel gets a Magazine Feature

‘Twelve Tales of Terror’ by Jim Hermel gets a Magazine Feature

Jim Hermel’s desire for intrigue and suspense brings us the twelve most fascinating stories about horror and terror.

It is since his early childhood, Jim was absorbed by the stories of supernatural and paranormal. He would spend hours in the library reading the horror stories which were written by the famous authors of that particular kind.

It was before the television, he used to go to the library. When television came he became a regular viewer of every horror television show. Jim has traveled thousands of kilometers and these journeys took him from small country towns to the capital cities of Australia which provided him with plenty of locations.

These locations provide fascinating backdrops for the characters and how suddenly things change from normal to supernatural within the moments. The accuracy of the author in sites and situations gives a surely realistic feel about the stories.

James Hermel was born in Adelaide, in the south of Australia. He has been a musician for a long time and has written different historical and promotional articles for music magazines under his musical title ‘Jim Hermel’.

He has been always interested in writing fictional stories which have led to his first personally published book, ‘Twelve Tales of Terror’.