‘UK Talk Radio’ interviewed Les Clarke of ‘Kevin Doyle R.I.P’

‘UK Talk Radio’ interviewed Les Clarke of ‘Kevin Doyle R.I.P’

Author of the book ‘Kevin Doyle R.I.P’, Les Clarke was at UK Talk Radio for the interview session in regard to his book. The author talked about the book and his inspiration behind writing this book.

The book is of the genre ‘Crime’ which discusses the murder of Kevin Doyle who was thirty-one years old and a complete waste of space. He earned from some thieving and occasional driving.

It is one sunny day when he decided to go fishing which turns out to be a decision that will change and endanger his life. He hooked more than he bargained for and he thought that he just got lucky but life turns the other way and his discovery sets the chain of blackmail, torture and multiple murders.

This is a very thrilling novel which is full of twists and keeps its readers engaged until the very last page.

The author Les Clarke had a very diverse professional life. He played in rock bands and has also been a salesman. He was a policeman and a trainee train driver. He was a chauffeur, a weighbridge operator and also worked as an office manager.

He has been also a builder, worked in a psychiatric hospital and has been a stand-up comedian and actor.

This is his first novel and currently, he writes and direct plays.