Ultimate Eurythmics interviews ‘Jim Toomey’ of ‘We Were Tourists’

Ultimate Eurythmics interviews ‘Jim Toomey’ of ‘We Were Tourists’

An interview with ‘Jim Toomey’ was recently arranged at Ultimate Eurythmics about his new book of ‘We Were Tourists’. The interview was held via skype as Jim answers questions about his latest work.

Jim Toomey writes his autobiography in his book. It is back in late 70’s when he joined hands with Annie Lenox, Dave Stewart, Peet Coombes and Eddie Chin and formally joined the group ‘The Tourists’ as a drummer.

Jim and his friends found their success quickly through their recordings, TV appearances and tours across the world. He tells his story with a band from the viewer of a drummer’s eye.

He takes his readers on the turbulent ride of a successful band’s journey and all the hard work, creativity and motivation that was involved in their achievements. The good and the bad side of their profession and the fruits that they ripped off the seed which they bowed 40 years ago.

Jim Toomey is now settled in Brisbane, Australia after spending his entire life traveling around the world. He still plays Jazz and blue trio but has recently turned towards writing.

Jim also acted as an extra in the latest Pirates of Caribbean movie. He is considered among the founder members of his band.

He survived the hippie revolution in England back in the 1960’s and survived the ups and downs of life as a rock musician.

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