University of Edinburgh Recognizes Lyn Miller’s Book

University of Edinburgh Recognizes Lyn Miller’s Book

Taking Medicine’ was featured in the University of Edinburgh’s Alumni magazine. The magazine highlights the work of university alumni and they decided to place the book in the magazine’s January issue.

Lyn Miller, the author of the book, studied medicine at the university. She currently resides in Edinburgh with her husband, two grown up kids and a dog. She has been practicing medicine for the last 27 years. A lifelong readaholic, she finally decided to write a book that was inspired by real life events of her past.

The plot of the book revolves around Alison, a medical student who is juggling with studies, relationships and an ailment of a close friend.

Medical students believe that the only difficulty in their life is their studies, this story shows them otherwise.

When she enters her studies, she knows that medicine will be tough but what she did not prepare for was the difficulties that will surround her as she tries to survive medical school.

Her social life is in shambles as her boyfriend wants to pursue his own career, her close friend is struggling with a serious illness and she has a big exam coming up. She tries to hold it all together, aiming to find a way to survive this period.

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