University of Groningen Commemorates Debora Hellinga for ‘Red Dawn Rising’

University of Groningen Commemorates Debora Hellinga for ‘Red Dawn Rising’

The University of Groningen celebrates their student, Debora Hellinga’s book,’ Red Dawn Rising’ for being published. A blog has been posted on the University’s website regarding Debora’s work and her inspiration behind this book.

Red Dawn Rising is about a young girl, Morgan who lives in the 23rd century. Life in this century can never be more comfortable but not for those who are less privileged. Things for them are more than worse.

Morgan was separated from her family at the age of 4 and was kept under a secured facility which is known as Basements. They were kept there to be used for torturous experiments so that they always remain there. Nobody made it out of there alive and even if somebody did, they would never be freed by the horrors that they experienced in those facilities.

After years of suffering and torture, she was finally set free and her eyes endured this chilling metallic grey form. Morgan looks for revenge now. She adopts the name of Titanium and with this name, she becomes the leader of her own army whose aim is only to avenge the atrocities that they faced.

The author, Debora Hellinga was born in 1994. She loves reading and likes to be occupied all the time with tea, books, fun and friends. She is always up for something new that amazes her as she likes to get lost in her own world.

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