Well-researched ‘Twisted Wires’ reviewed by Readers’ Favorite

Well-researched ‘Twisted Wires’ reviewed by Readers’ Favorite

Sarina Wheatman gives readers an insight into the mindset of people who battle addiction in her book ‘Twisted Wires’. The book was recently reviewed by Readers’ Favorite website. The review offered the book the highest praise possible “I hope this guide is available to every doctor, support group, and clinic”.

Author tries to make sense of the twisted and crazy world of addiction. She also explores the mindsets and attitudes about the addicts.

She explains that to treat this disease there should be cohesive efforts made.

Addicts are treated as lepers in our society and this is main hurdle in treating people with addiction.

The book goes into detail about the processes that are used in treatment and how they can be more effective.

Namely, the author mentions the 12 step program and takes a close look at it and explains the difference between seeking treatment from a clinic or a support group.

The most important thing that everyone should remember is that the addict will always make destructive choices, it is up to their loved ones to help them in their recovery.

Sarina is a therapist who would love to go digging for gems, if she were offered a career change at this stage of life.

She loves the work she does and explores the complex world of addiction and recovery.

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