WH Smith features ‘The Lost Hat’ in Nantwich, Cheshire

WH Smith features ‘The Lost Hat’ in Nantwich, Cheshire

WH Smith was in Nantwich and they featured ‘The Lost Hat’ of Sarah Milne. The book was appreciated by the audience for its unique way of bringing words and music together.

The book comes with an audio CD. Throughout the book, it tells you when to listen to an appropriate track from the CD and at what time.

The book is about a Kitty Kat who is a lovable, adventurous and full of fun cat. She goes to Primrose Park to meet her friends there and to play with them. On her way, she finds a hat which is lost. She takes the hat and starts a quest for its owner.

She is accompanied by a lot of her friends in this adventure who loves to sing and dance and play all the way. The kitty kat story is full of hope, courage, confidence and helping one another.

The author, Sarah Milne is an actress, singer, trained professional dancer and a picture book writer who lives in Cyprus.

She is graduated in Dance and theatre from Bird College London. She enjoyed many years of success in Performing Arts. She created the Kitty Kat club back in 2011. She taught the Kitty Katz Club programme to over 600 children a week; Cypriot, English and International Students at local Primary and Nursery Schools.

She also teaches Drama and Speech and Musical Theatre Examination In collaboration with Trinity College, London.