Worcester News features John Phillpot’s ‘Beef Cubes and Burdock’

Worcester News features John Phillpot’s ‘Beef Cubes and Burdock’

Worcester News features article about ‘Beef Cubes and Burdock’. Ex Worcester News Journalists John Phillpot releases a book which is based on his childhood memories.

 The author says about the book, ‘This particular past is very much a foreign country. It describes a time when farm laborers lived in tied cottages now occupied by young professionals, an era when children played safely on streets in which the farm tractor would ultimately be forced to give way to the now ever-present Chelsea tractor.’

John thinks rural landscapes have changed for all time and it was when the fields which were only familiar with the sound of cattle, birdsongs, and farm tractors have now been reduced to Urbanization and motorways.

He remembers his village where he once spent his childhood but he also thinks that it is not all lost yet. The river is still running as it has done for ages, the church bells still call to the faithful and the rook ‘parliaments’ still can be seen high overhead.

The book takes us back to the time where the pace of life was simple and it was dictated by the measure of seasons rather than the touch of a computer keyboard.

John was born in Churchover, Warwickshire. He was brought up there and became a trainee reporter in 1965 at the age of 16.

He has worked as a reporter, feature writer, chief sub-editor, letters editor, reviewer, and columnist. He is now semi-retired and lives in Worcester with his wife.

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