‘Writing is easy for author Joan’ says Shropshire Star

‘Writing is easy for author Joan’ says Shropshire Star

The Shropshire Star News has featured an article about Joan Shirley-Davies’ latest novel ‘Money is Easy’. The article enunciates how a writer being urged to write crime fiction or sci-fi turned to romantic novels. ‘It is never too late to strive for your dream,’ says the author, Joan.

The story is about a woman named Lizzy Yardley who is a designer of wedding gowns and has moved to a small town to cut back her losses.

She faces some mysterious accidents in her business which she cannot even suggest why to the police. It is when Tony Franklin, her wealthy macho landlord shows up and desires to help her.

Tony has recently lost her girlfriend who was killed in Paris. Lizzy is not up for a relationship but there is a definite chemistry between both of them.

She finds it hard to reject him which will be more painful if Tony discovers a secret of her which caused her a broken engagement in the past.

The author, Joan Shirley- Davies resides in Shropshire with her husband who is an actor. Joan from the very beginning wanted to be a writer and an actress but she hated the life so she opted for writing plays.

 She likes to communicate with people and entertain them and the book is her first of the kind from being a playwright to novelist.

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