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Andrea Hyatt

Santa’s Nice List by Andrea Hyatt originated when Andrea was on the playground with her first-grade students. It was a week before Christmas, and the day was cold and windy. As she watched her students playing, she told them the strong, gusty winds would whisk them away to the North Pole. They were delighted by that magical thought. Andrea hopes you enjoy Zoey’s adventure to the North Pole in search of Santa’s Nice List as much as she did in creating this festive, heartwarming story.

Andrea Hyatt is also the author of Juliette’s Web, with illustrations by the talented Nicholas Child. The charming, French-speaking Juliette is searching for the perfect spot to spin her cozy web, and along the way, she would love to meet a friend who adores her... eight legs and all! This enchanting story will have you saying “Bonjour!” to the next spider you encounter!

Coming soon:

Sophie Sparrow Wants to Be a Flamingo by Andrea Hyatt and illustrated by Nicholas Child.

Andrea Hyatt
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Juliette's Web

This enchanting story, Juliette’s Web, was spun just for you. Juliette is a cute and charming spider who speaks a little French, wears adorable hats, and loves to eat chocolate beetle soufflé. If only Juliette could be more like her amazing cousin, Antionette, who spun a magnificent web at the to...

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Santa’s Nice List

The swirling, gusty winter winds whisked Zoey away to the North Pole. Shortly after landing in a huge snow pile and no longer in her Christmas pajamas but now dressed as an elf, Zoey meets Santa. He is looking for his Nice List and needs Zoey, his most dependable elf, to help him find it. Zoey invi...

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