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Anne Hampton

Anne Hampton was born in 1971 and lives in Bristol, England.
She doesn't specifically write for one genre but encompasses politics, spying, action, thriller, murder, mystery, romance, adult, and fantasy themes.
Anne favours strong female lead characters (though she is not a feminist), and approaches adult themes from a sexually dominant woman's perspective"”reversing the traditional male/female roles in the bedroom.

Author's Books
The Book and the Ring

On Torka, Baroness Penelope Birkenwood, Brenosian Ambassador to Genna, is visited by a member of the Council of Magic and told of a dark spirit in the world looking to exploit divisions and create instability. Penelope is tasked with stopping it with the aid of a ring.George, the young and inexperie...

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The Queen Of The Geraticaian Empire

With the two parallel worlds of Geratica - Geratica and Geraticai - now finally separated, Geratica has a new constitution drafted by the brilliant young Alexandra Radcliffe. Her mother, Linda, is now aiming to become their first prime minister. She is determined to bring in reforms and will need to...

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The Two Worlds of Geratica - The Women of Geratica

Geratica is a planet where women have the dominant role. Men, still the stronger of the sexes, are consigned to manual work, whereas the women rule in politics, the professions and in royalty. The core of the planet is female, which is mirrored in sexual activity where women lead the way.For Linda R...

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The Two Worlds of Geratica Volume 2: The Mistress of Geratica

The planet of Geratica has at its core a live dominant sex. The world is run by women and men are traditionally subservient. It is a monarchy, and its head of state must always be a queen. A schism at the core means that a parallel world has been created - Geraticai. On Geratica, Queen Alexandra rei...

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