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Azra Rahman

Azra Rahman was born and raised in India, mostly in the small town of Kharagpur, in the state of West Bengal, India. Her memory of her hometown finds its way in her depiction of the fictional town of Mahogany. If not found writing, she would be found painting, writing poems, blogging, tackling tricky questions from her kids, traveling, reading, cooking, and often gorging on the delicious food her husband prepares. She lives in the beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah, USA with her husband and three kids. The Mother of My Children is her first book.

Azra Rahman
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The Mother of My Children

In the early 1990s, within the fictional town of Mahogany, India, a tale of love, family, and personal transformation unfolds. Adam’s adoration for his wife, Mary, knows no bounds, leading him to embark on a remarkable endeavor—a book dedicated to her. But this is no ordinary love story; it delv...

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