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Ybe Casteleyn

Ybe Casteleyn is one of Europe’s most sought-after psychotraumatologists, with clients from all over Europe, but also Syria, USA and Afghanistan. She has worked with all kinds of trauma: people haunted by their past, survivors of child abuse, refugees, victims of accidents and crime, victims of terrorist attacks.


Nowadays, she organises online trauma courses for fellow-therapists, psychologists, midwifes, GPs, gynaecologists and other professionals in the field of mental health. Ybe is an avid advocate for the ‘trauma-informed society’.

Ybe Casteleyn
Author's Books
The Healing Power of Pain

The Healing Power of Pain is an accessible guide for those grappling with emotional distress. This empathetic resource helps readers understand the root causes plaguing heavy hearts, from negative thought patterns to fears and lack of self-worth.Rather than immediately turning to a therapist, many ...

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