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The Healing Power of Pain-bookcover

By: Ybe Casteleyn

The Healing Power of Pain

Pages: 224 Ratings: 5.0
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The Healing Power of Pain is an accessible guide for those grappling with emotional distress. This empathetic resource helps readers understand the root causes plaguing heavy hearts, from negative thought patterns to fears and lack of self-worth.Rather than immediately turning to a therapist, many first seek to comprehend their inner turmoil through self-study. This book meets them where they are, using relatable stories and unique practical exercises to anchor emotional breakthroughs.Through psychotherapeutic insights and trauma case studies, The Healing Power of Pain illuminates how grief, loss and suffering can shape us. It provides a roadmap for alleviating pain and pioneering our own recovery, moving from simply coping to transformed thriving.Accessible yet anchored in psychology, The Healing Power of Pain puts healing tools into the hands of the reader. Through candour, compassion and actionable steps, this guide lights the way from hurt toward lasting hope.

Ybe Casteleyn is one of Europe’s most sought-after psychotraumatologists, with clients from all over Europe, but also Syria, USA and Afghanistan. She has worked with all kinds of trauma: people haunted by their past, survivors of child abuse, refugees, victims of accidents and crime, victims of terrorist attacks.


Nowadays, she organises online trauma courses for fellow-therapists, psychologists, midwifes, GPs, gynaecologists and other professionals in the field of mental health. Ybe is an avid advocate for the ‘trauma-informed society’.

Customer Reviews
4 reviews
4 reviews
  • Helen Seymour

    I highly recommend this book, the way the author uses case histories to illustrate theoretical and practical healing is inspirational! I especially recommend the practical exercises that can be used for all. Hearing the positive results from positive interactions is inspiring!

  • Heidi Pieters, psychotherapist.

    In this book, Ybe proves that the complexity of trauma can be understood very simply. This makes it a book that can be read and applied by everyone. I have the book as a permanent source in my bookcase.

  • Anita Sheehan

    There has been increased awareness and interest around trauma in recent years. But what is trauma? What is the difference between chronic trauma and acute trauma? And how can each manifest in our daily lives? How can we heal and build resilience to overcome unhelpful strategies that we have formed as a result of traumatic experiences? To find solid answers to these questions, look no further than to Ybe Casteleyn’s brilliant book “The Healing Power of Pain”, which explains these concepts in easily understandable language, through stories that we can relate to and beautifully illustrated by her daughter Lara. I recommend it highly!

  • N. de Haas, trauma therapist

    Absolutely recommended! Ybe Casteleyn's ideas are all-encompassing. This book is a practical guideline for the client, the trainer and the therapist. Difficult topics are described in a very accessible way with a theoretical background. The theory is linked to cases and it contains assignments. A book focused on healing. The beautifully expressive illustrations complete it. I find it very useful.

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