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Chinenye Santina Ebuka-Ugwu

Chinenye has captured the hearts and minds of children with her charming children's book series, "Ms Purplebubble's Class." But Chinenye's books are far more than just charming tales - they're powerful tools for teaching children the values of diversity, acceptance, and inclusivity. Through her vividly imagined anthropomorphic animal characters, Chinenye creates a world where every child is valued and celebrated for who they are. With her unwavering dedication to promoting positive moral values in children from a young age, Chinenye's books are a must-have addition to any publisher's children's literature lineup. Don't miss out on the chance to bring Ms Purplebubble's Class to a new generation of young readers.

Author's Books
Ms Purplebubble’s Class – Book 1

Ms Purplebubble’s Class is a children’s book series that uses anthropomorphic characters portrayed as animals to promote diversity and acceptance. Furthermore, it intends to teach children good moral values at a young age to grow with these teachings as the acceptable norm. Book 1, The New P...

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Ms Purplebubble’s Class – Book 2

Welcome to Ms Purplebubble’s class: a place of fun, acceptance and kindness.“You have both learnt an important lesson today. It is not nice to blame someone else if you do not know the truth. It can make them really upset.”Divine loves her beautiful, pink lunchbox and is very excited to take i...

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