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Christopher Elliott

In the mid-sixties, Christopher Elliott, then a student of English and French literature at Trinity College, Dublin, found himself in a small group studying short story writing with the great Irish writer, Frank O’Connor. Elliott’s first pieces were not successful. “You have to tell a story,” said the master. “If there’s no story, there’s nothing.” But in those years, Christopher Elliott had few stories to tell. Today, many years later, the world has remedied that.

Author's Books

Bocconcini, a cornucopia of stories, a horn of plenty: youth, art, love, life, Ireland, Italy, Thailand, the macabre, the forbidden, age, and much else. 150 dives into other worlds, other moments, emotions recollected in tranquillity. Points of departure, reflection, possibly even action. New insigh...

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Stories should interest you, touch you, move you. There are 134 in ‘Next’. Many, possibly even most, will do just that. ‘Youth’, ‘love’, ‘life’, ‘death’, and so much more. Stories often relevant to you, your life, past and future. Stories very readable, memorable. ‘Next’ is ...

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