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Connor Parkin

Connor Parkin is a poet who grew up in Aberdeen, UK.
He practices fictional rhyming poetry and is glad to share with you his book, a collection of some of his poems, which is a culmination of five years' hard work and dedication.
Connor was first introduced to poetry by his friend Darrell. 

They would listen to music by great '90s and '00s rap/hip-hop artists with a group of friends. They would write raps whilst listening to beats and instrumentals.
This was Connor's first initial inspiration.
In 2015 he began printing out sheets of lyrics by various artists, then highlighting all the parts that rhymed with different colours so to get more of an in-depth understanding of the template and how to structure a poem to make it sound satisfying to read. 

Since then, he has been writing non-stop to try and make his poems better quality.

Instagram: parkinpoetrypage


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