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Craig Hazen

Craig Hazen was born in Toronto, Canada, but now lives in Brisbane, Australia. “Canadian by birth, Australian by choice”. He holds a master’s degree in education and has more than 10 years of experience as a primary school principal, working in rewardingly low socio-economic schools of fleeting resilience.

Craig puts most of his energy into his work and colleagues have been telling him he’ll ‘burn out’ since the day he stepped into a classroom. Driven by his desire to help others and fuelled with copious amounts of coffee, he has managed to prove them wrong so far.

When he does have some free time, he enjoys reading motivational material, sketching cartoons, watching North American sports at odd hours of the day and listening to his eclectic music collection.

He is also a writer who is growing in confidence and aspires to write books; motivational, inspiring and funny novels that will provoke thought and encourage deeper reflection among his students.

Craig sees his future in the classroom, continuing to work in an educational capacity, improving on current practices and writing his books to inspire others.


Craig Hazen
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