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Daniel D. Longdon

Daniel D Longdon lives with his family in Nottingham. He is busy writing the Devastation series, which he hopes to finish within the next year or so. His epic sci-fi fantasy story is planned for twenty-seven books and spans not only our time and space but many others. Prepare for the ride of your many lives.

Author's Books
Lorela: Dog Warriors

Lorela is a red planet…a dead planet! For several hundred years, the human colony of Lorela was thought to have been wiped out but they survived deep underground, out of sight of those who would use them. The lucky ones made it to the mines, locked in away from the harmful radiation. The unfortuna...

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After the destructive galactic wave decimates the planet of Obsidian, a sinister new element of man begins to roam the planets subterranean mines and catacombs. The survivors group together in a vain attempt to defend themselves against the rising power of what they perceive to be awakened evil pers...

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Two princes, one nation. A country at odds with its monarchy. As the dust settles on a broken land, the two brothers that would be king face off for one last civil conflict.Again, the land of Albion suffers at the hands of the privileged few; Mad King Blaine is the rightful heir, but not all conside...

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Albion bleeds, its people suffer, its capital in ruins and still the war that put an end to the Skavite rebellion threatens the fabric of Albion civilisation. The army of the free democratic government march north against their king, determined to end the royal line forever.Duke Benedict heads the k...

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