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David Tetlow

David Tetlow was born in Rossendale, Lancashire, during the Second World War. Following his school years, he worked as a mechanical engineer and later specialized in textile machinery research and development.

He is married to Joyce and has a son, a daughter and four grandchildren. He joined the Lancashire police during the 1960s and completed most of his thirty-year-service in Greater Manchester, where he retired as an investigating officer.

Author's Books
Delany's Progress

Delany left the army after becoming seriously injured whilst on active duty in foreign parts. He was repatriated to England and when he was fully recovered, and because of his admiration for the positive actions of a police officer friend, he joined the Constabulary. His new employers soon became aw...

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Journey to a New Life

This is a story about the long and traumatic journey of two hard working Irish families at the time of the great famine and potato blight in Ireland in the mid nineteenth century when the country was governed from London and the poor were suffering greatly from starvation and disease.The Doyle and t...

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Sons and Mothers

The year was 1939 and soldiers were about to go to war. Constance Cummings, a sixteen-year-old beautiful but naïve young girl, was taken in by a conniving and duplicitous junior army officer who was already married with a family using a false identity.With the false promise of later marriage and fo...

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Beware My Shadow

Delany has experience in lawful subterfuge and disguise, which he gained whilst being employed by the military and the police.When members of his family become victims of violent criminal acts and the offenders cannot be brought to justice because of the destruction of evidence and other inside inte...

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Delany's Challenge

Josh Delany had, in a previous life, been a Special Forces officer for many years, leaving the army after being seriously injured, indeed almost killed whist abroad on active duty, saving the lives of others, and forcing him to leave the army he loved.As a civilian, after witnessing very impressiv...

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