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Delia C. Zorzoliu

“Magic is not just about things. Magic is inside us, too.” (Delia C. Zorzoliu)

Delia C. Zorzoliu is a painter, illustrator, graphic designer, and member of the Romania Writers League Association. Delia was born on March 28, 1987, in Bucharest, Romania. She currently lives in Southampton, United Kingdom. She has written over 14 children’s books, several novels and poetry books.

She is the author of stories such us: The Brave Squirrel and the Enchanted Hazelnut Tree, Crystal Frog and Waterlily Fairy, The Crumb Monster, The Fifth Season, Princess Quail and the Enchanted Corn, Sea Fairy and the Silver Dolphin, The Enchanted Goose Egg. She is also the author of novel Emerald earrings. Only One Love, Two Lives.

Delia C. Zorzoliu
Author's Books
The Crumb Monster

In a small town like many others, people used to throw away over-bought and unconsumed food that began to attract the little Garbage Monsters. In a short time, these monsters came to invade the city and become more and more greedily in search of food waste.In the fight with the Garbage Monsters, th...

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