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Denis Muoria

Denis Muoria is an author with deep appreciation for fictional literary work, cinema, crafted cocktails, and curious minds that constantly debate the fictional ‘what-if’ factors.

Aiding in endeavour to complete the work, Denis says, was a favourite concoction of coffee and absinthe; Negronis, accompanied by a serious case of insomnia that saw him awake at odd hours of the night on his writer’s desk, working on his manuscript while listening to Chopin’s Nocturnes on repeat. The author hopes you enjoy the read and recommend it to a friend.

Denis Muoria
Author's Books
Genevieve – Book I

The manuscript follows a primary protagonist who has gone by many names over the years but stuck to her most recent alias due to its relatable nature: Genevieve, derived from the patron saint of Paris, St. Genevieve, who is often depicted holding a candle and the devil beside her who blows it out wh...

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