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Robin E.L. Disney

Robin Disney, a retired engineer, has traveled the world in less safe times and places. Having been helped in precarious situations and seen the kindness of people who endangered themselves to assist him, he developed an appreciation for the compassion and goodness that often lies at the core of humanity. A love of sailing, swimming, and traveling has led him to meet people around the globe, reinforcing his belief that deep down, we are all the same. Having been arrested, jailed, and even targeted by assassins in various countries, Robin can hopefully convey some of the emotions evoked when confronting life’s difficulties. With a passion for literature and great admiration for iconic English writers, he felt compelled to try his own hand at writing, purely for personal fulfillment. Now retired on the South Coast, Robin felt the urge to bring some of those poignant experiences to life through the journeys of fictional characters. Hopefully you will enjoy this first literary foray born of adventures on the high seas and faraway lands.

Robin E.L. Disney
Author's Books
The Cry of the Curlew

The Cry of the Curlew tells the harrowing tale of Marnie, an Albanian refugee whose life is marked by constant upheaval and danger. The story begins with her dramatic rescue from an Essex Marsh by an elderly woman, setting the stage for a life perpetually shadowed by misfortune.Marnie’s journey i...

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