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Dr Lynda Foulder-Hughes

Dr Lynda Foulder-Hughes is a consultant psychotherapist. She was one of the youngest allied health professionals in the UK to hold both a PhD and a master’s degree. She has worked in hospitals, clinics, community settings, education and television.

Her pioneering work has resulted in some high-profile awards and recognitions during her 30-year career; including in 2015 being named as one of Newsweek Magazine’s “21st Century Professionals” across two editions. Lynda also worked for the BBC, where she acted as the specialist series consultant on the twice BAFTA nominated children’s television series, Tree Fu Tom. She is credited on every episode of the show, which is screened in over 120 countries globally.

Alongside her clinical work, Lynda has published her research in many high impact international publications. Her seminal work on helping adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse was published in 1998 and continues to be an influential piece of writing.

Lynda takes a highly empathetic approach with each person she works with. In her personal life, she has overcome some massive challenges. She was born into a deprived Liverpool family to a single teen-aged mother in 1968. She had a tough upbringing and left home aged just 17. Few people with Lynda’s childhood go onto achieve the success or qualifications which she has. She is living proof that you can succeed in life no matter what.

REMIND is her first book. It is a holistic self-help model based on research, traditional evidenced-based therapies, alongside metaphysical, transpersonal, and positive psychology approaches, combined with her 30 years of professional experience.

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