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Elisa Wilkinson

Elisa is a published author and researcher of psychic phenomena and has also written fictional horror and spiritual poetry. She is active locally and supports several charities. Elisa enjoys doing her oil paintings and tapestry work as well as reading. She spent several years in America where she lived in South Dakota and became a great friend of Del Iron Cloud, a Native American Indian who is a renowned artist in the Dakotas.

Author's Books
Before and Throughout WW1 and WW2 to the Peacetime of the Present Day

My book consists of true factual events that have occurred over the years, from WW1 and WW2 to the present day.Many of the people’s war-time experiences that I have written about are quite horrendous. However, for the sake of future generations, fully understanding how terrible war is and the at...

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Goldberg Hall

Who haunts Goldberg Hall? Could it be the past owners? Or did someone from more recent days meet a cruel fate there? Could it be the woman and child who Ava saw walking along the road towards Waterfall River? Or Jack Armstrong, the builder who renovated the Hall? He was discovered frozen to death in...

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Seeing Is Believing

Can a witch’s curse from 1630 force her accuser to haunt the Heath Common?Can dreams predicting the future come true? Who or what saved a woman trapped in a wrecked vehicle? Is there an angel in the Holy Trinity Church Knaresborough? Do UFOs exist or are they figments of our imagination? Did the c...

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