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By: Elisa Wilkinson

Goldberg Hall

Pages: 230 Ratings: 5.0
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Who haunts Goldberg Hall? Could it be the past owners? Or did someone from more recent days meet a cruel fate there? Could it be the woman and child who Ava saw walking along the road towards Waterfall River? Or Jack Armstrong, the builder who renovated the Hall? He was discovered frozen to death in a solid block of ice inside his car. Or could it be Lord Goldberg himself who raped his own daughter and died from a revenge killing. There are many theories as to whom or what haunts the manor. Nevertheless, the locals stay away from Gallows Hill where the old hall used to stand.

They know the rumours of the hanging Goldberg judges and the orgies there. The remaining part of the Hall has now been refurbished and sold to a young couple with three children. Unknown to the new owners is the fact that not everyone leaves the Hall alive. The only people who could explain the inexplicable events there are the dead souls themselves who haunt Goldberg Hall.

Elisa is a published author and researcher of psychic phenomena and has also written fictional horror and spiritual poetry. She is active locally and supports several charities. Elisa enjoys doing her oil paintings and tapestry work as well as reading. She spent several years in America where she lived in South Dakota and became a great friend of Del Iron Cloud, a Native American Indian who is a renowned artist in the Dakotas.

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1 reviews

    Goldberg Hall" is a gripping novel that explores the complexities of human nature, family dynamics, and the consequences of our actions. The story is centered around the lives of two brothers, Jacob and Isaac, who inherit their family's estate, Goldberg Hall, after the death of their father.

    As the brothers navigate their new roles as co-owners of the estate, tensions rise between them as they grapple with their differences in personalities and values. While Jacob is a pragmatic businessman focused on modernizing the estate and making it profitable, Isaac is an artist who is more interested in preserving the family's legacy and history.

    As the story unfolds, secrets from the family's past are revealed, causing further conflict and turmoil. The narrative is beautifully crafted, with richly drawn characters and intricate plot lines that keep the reader engaged and guessing until the very end.

    The author's writing style is descriptive and evocative, bringing the setting of Goldberg Hall to life and immersing the reader in the world of the story. The themes explored in the novel, such as family loyalty, love, and betrayal, are universal and relatable, making the book a poignant and thought-provoking read.

    Overall, "Goldberg Hall" is a well-crafted and emotionally engaging novel that is sure to appeal to fans of family dramas and literary fiction.

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