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Susie Fisher

Susie Fisher grew up in Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania, and was born and raised in an Amish community. Her experience of being raised in a sheltered environment saw her face many challenges, the hardest being the inability to enjoy some of life’s simplest joys, like wearing pretty shoes, even as a little girl.  

When she left the Amish community to strike out on her own, she discovered not only the pleasure of wearing beautiful shoes but also that it was worth any price to follow her own true star.

Susie Fisher
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Aboard his decrepit pirate ship The Hexon, the villainous Captain Kruel sails in search of ill-gotten loot. Meanwhile, brave Captain Landon helms the noble vessel The Legacy, though his crew lives in fear of the legendary Kraken - a gargantuan octopus with a taste for ships. While other captains fle...

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