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Shanel Fulton

Wisdom is the key to my success within the realm of mysteries. Over the years I have perfected my creative skills to incorporate the vast knowledge that has been passed onto me from others. Working several different religious beliefs into my life has given me a renewed love of education. I currently have an Associate of Science Degree in Business Administration. Monet is my favorite painter and classical music is also one of my passions. Preserving knowledge is one of my goals in life as well as bringing forth the keys to the future.

Shanel Fulton
Author's Books
Triquetra of the Universe

Venture into the mystical realms where dreams stir amidst the mists of time awaiting your discovery. The whisper of destiny beckons from the horizon, tempting your soul into the unknown. As the moon casts its glow upon the still waters, treasures of the deep arise to greet the night, revealing the h...

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