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Geoff Swift

Geoff is a new author of books for young readers. He worked as a Business Development Director in the services industry and has recently retired. Writing books has never featured in Geoff’s life, until now. He has enjoyed the challenge of writing his first series of books very much and hopes you enjoy them too.

Author's Books
Rory Never Learns

Zak and Rory continue their travels around the world's oceans and seas. This time Rory convinces Zak against Zak's wishes to swim in the Mediterranean Sea. Being friendly and inquisitive, Rory gets too close to humans. He is spotted and, being a rare plesiosaur, hunted along with Zak across the Medi...

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The Friendly Giant Called Zak and His Friend Rory the Misnamed Monster

A giant of the oceans (Zak) and a so-called monster (Rory) meet and become friends. They agree to travel the world’s oceans and seas together. During their travels, they meet many creatures that are friends of Zak and who become friends with Rory as well. There are, however, some creatures that wi...

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Zak and Rory's Toughest Journey

Having left the Mediterranean Sea, Zak and Rory continue their adventures and travels towards New Zealand. Along the way they meet Zak’s family and a new friend, Rodger the Leatherback Turtle, and encounter a huge natural disaster. The duo and Rodger help a human sailing family fight a monster fro...

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