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Graham Pryor

Originally from Hythe, Kent, Graham moved to Scotland almost forty years ago. There, working in the field of information management, he has been director of library and computing services at the University of Aberdeen and a director of the Digital Curation Centre at the University of Edinburgh. He lives on the north-east coast.

Author's Books
Alba Regained

Frustrated equally by misrule at Westminster and the Scottish government’s failure to progress the independence agenda, a reinvigorated Scottish National Liberation Army seizes power from Scotland’s ruling party, the SNP, after a campaign of attrition during the 2020s. This tale follows the adve...

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Rescued from the horrors of an animal research laboratory, the mastiff, Garth, discovers that his new freedom comes with certain obligations. Released into a new world where the Grey Men have gifted the Canidae the power of speech and higher consciousness, he persuades the rest of his adoptive pack ...

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Man With A Gun

That the gun was kept in a drawer of the old Singer sewing machine was never a secret; although, when his father died, its significance as a reminder of the old man’s mysterious occupation was quickly overshadowed by the discovery of a fortune in banknotes in the loft. There was, too, the emergenc...

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“We can do what we like,” said the burly policemen to Bill. “We’re the law.” That sounded just the sort of job that might suit him. Do what you like with impunity, have a bit of power over folk, and get paid a half-decent wage at the same time. It was the moment of his epiphany, but it was...

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