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I.R. Dujon

I.R. Dujon is a British writer of St Vincent and Irish descent who after many years of therapy, healing and self-reflection have written and documented the devastating true accounts of child abuse she suffered throughout her childhood and adolescent years.

Dujon was born in Hackney, in 1973 to parents, Bernadette McGuire and Joel Nehemiah Adams. Her mother, Bernadette, born into a convent in Dublin Ireland, in her early teens fled to the United Kingdom seeking a better life. Her father, Joel, born in the Caribbean Island of St Vincent migrated to London where he too settled and met Bernadette.

Dujon is one of eight children on her father’s side, this biography details her truth, finding her way through a lifetime of exploitation and abuse, and becoming the beacon of hope she is today. The accounts and stories in the book are told from the ages of 6–13 covering the child abuse that she and her siblings were subjected to. It is graphic and hard-hitting, difficult to read but even harder to put down.

All persons mentioned in this book has had their names changed to protect anonymity and confidentiality. With her mother, Bernadette, being deceased and her father, Joel, having a criminal conviction that has been published in the public sphere, these names have not been changed from their original form.

Dujon’s mission in life has always been to have children of her own and provide them with the love and security every child deserves. Today she is a proud mother of five and with all of them being adults, her next goal is to share her story and inspire any and everyone who has ever been subject to any form of abuse. Dujon seeks to educate a wider audience of people who may not be familiar with child abuse and creates a detailed picture of how people who are external to an abusive environment can still do so much to prevent or change a situation.

Dujon is proud to release this book with potential sequels in mind to provide education and closure on a series of dark and life-changing events.

I.R. Dujon
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