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Jane Begley

Jane Begley is a mother of two and grandmother of five. Her grandchildren have given her enormous pleasure and delight over the years, and are a source of inspiration, giving her lots of different ideas. Their love and amazing insight into life never cease to amaze her.

Author's Books
A Magical Book of Children's Poems

A Magical Book of Children’s Poems will delight children and make them laugh. The poems are simple and easy to read and understand. They are about everything, from fantasy and fun to nonsense and nature: everything to inspire a child’s imagination....

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Poems from the Heart

These poems are a collection of poems which have been written over several years. They include a lot of Jane Begley’s personal experiences about the trials and tribulations of life. Most of these we will all experience at some point in our lives. These poems touch the heart. They tell us not to gi...

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The Goblin Family

This is a story about a family of Goblins. Goblins are strange little people who live in a world that we cannot see. Perhaps there is such a world, who knows for sure. Let us go into this strange world where Goblins live and imagine what it must be like. This family are very similar to our families....

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The Light of the World

Why are we destroying our world, a world without which, we cannot live? Our world is unique, it has everything in it that we need and more. It is living and breathing and moves around very slowly so that each and every part of it has day and night. It has amazing landscapes and sights which are brea...

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The Lonely Dragon

The Lonely Dragon is a book of adventure, magic and intrigue. It takes you on a journey in a strange world where nothing is as it should be. There are giant creatures trying to take over the world. A lonely dragon who has lost his power and a magic stone. ...

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The World and All Its Wonder

Why are we the only planet with life in a vast universe? How did we come to be here, a world so unique, so full of natural wonders, so full of amazing creatures that exist side by side, supporting the whole eco system so perfectly? Surely, we are the guardians of this amazing world, perhaps we all h...

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